Busy Week

This is a very busy week for Northside Youth.  Last night we hosted the band Out of Darkness and speaker Cliff Cullen for a youth rally on abortion.  It was the beginning to a busy week.  19 Job Corp students and one woman from our church began the rally by being baptized.  They Out of Darkness led worship followed by a lesson on the sanctity of life by Cliff Cullen.

Wednesday, we’ll have a bonfire with the Y.E.S. ministry.  Join us at 6:30 as we roast hotdogs and s’mores, sing worship songs, and fellowship with each other and the seniors.  We’ll meet across the street from church behind the bus garage.  Bring hotdogs, buns, and chips with you and we’ll get the party started.

Thursday night you are invited to go to the CAB building at Caldwell County High School for a concert with Lecrae at 7:00 pm with doors opening at 5:30 pm.  Also there will be Sho Bakara, After Edmund, and Mikeschair.  You can go to http://www.facebook.com/events.php?ref=sb#/event.php?eid=112891126710&index=1 or http://www.facebook.com/events.php?ref=sb#/event.php?eid=139294703242&index=1 on Facebook for more information.  This concert is free and first come, first serve.  Get there early to get good seats.  The bus WILL NOT be running for this event.

Finally, Friday, 9-12 grade is invited to High School night at 6:30.  The theme will be “Fear Factor” and will feature free food and games.  We’ll end at about 9:30.  Bring as many friends as you can!

Other not to distant events:

  • December 21st – High School Sunday School class party at Lamberts
  • December 31st – Associational Lock-In
  • January 9th – Ski Trip


Middle School night was a huge success.  We had around 60 students at Middle School night including 36 brand new students who had never been to Northside.  Thanks to two of our lovely ladies in the church for donating $1 million each to our youth ministry through the scavenger hunt.  (That’s right, both teams successfully brought back a signed, unvoided check made out to “Douglas Reid” for $1 million.)

High School night is coming up soon!  November 13, from 6:30-9:30, we will have a fear factor based High School night.  Again it offers free food.  (Edible food, not just gross stuff!)

This Wednesday night, October 28th, the youth will meet in the Hatler Building for worship at 6:30.

Upcoming events:

  • Thursday, October 29th – Judgment House – 5:45 pm – meet at Northside
  • Friday, October 30th – Senior Night Tailgating – 5:30 pm – Football Field
  • Wednesday, November 4th – Abstinence is Cool Youth Rally – 6:30 pm – Calvary Baptist Church
  • Sunday, November 8th – Youth Outreach Event – 4:30 pm – Northside Sanctuary
  • Wednesday, November 11th – Bonfire – 6:30 pm – Across the Street from Northside
  • Thursday, November 12th – Lecrae Concert – 7:30 pm – CAB Building
  • Friday, November 13th – High School Night – 6:30 pm – Northside ROC

Events that are in the not too distant future:

  • Monday, December 21st – 11-12th Grade Christmas dinner at Lamberts
  • Saturday, January 9th – Ski Trip

Middle School Night

Friday, October 23rd is Middle School Night at Northside Baptist Church.  All 6-8th grade students are invited to eat and play with us from 6:30-9:30 pm.  Can’t be there for the whole night?  No problem.  We’d love to have you even if you can’t get there right at 6:30 or if you have to leave a little before 9:30.  Please let us know if this is the case so that we don’t leave you out of anything fun.

The night will include free pizza (while it lasts!) and drinks, basketball (3-on-3 tourney), dodgeball, and more.  All these events are optional.  We will also be going on a Scavenger Hunt around Princeton, so be sure if you have to leave early, you let us know so that we’ll get you back to church on time!

This event is absolutely free – just show up.  If you have questions, email us at trey@northsidebaptist.net or call/text at (270) 625-9375.  Bring a friend!

New Way to Receive Updates

We are introducing a new way to hear about what’s going on with our Youth Ministry.  Starting October 20th, you can sign up for text and email updates that will keep you in touch with our Youth Group.  You can sign up for these updates by clicking on the “Follow Us” tab of this blog.  (If you are reading this on facebook, go to http://www.northsidebaptist.net/oasis and click “Follow Us”

If you are a student and have filled out an orange Student Information Sheet, you are probably already signed up.  By providing your cell phone number and checking “yes” to the “Do you text?” question, you will automatically get text updates.  If you have not filled out one of these forms, you can still sign up for texts by clicking above on the “Follow Us” tab or by clicking here.

When a mass text message is sent out, it will come from my cell phone, 270-625-9375.  It will also be preceded with “**”.  Feel free to respond to these texts with questions that you may have, but realize that when a mass text message goes out, it may take a while for me to respond.

These text messages may include announcements of upcoming events, reminders, schedule changes, or just encouraging words.  If at any point you would like to discontinue receiving texts, just contact me and let me know.  I can remove you from our list.

To receive email updates, follow the same instructions as you would to receive text updates.  Simply click on the “Follow Us” tab or click here.  If you provided a valid email address and checked the box labeled “Send me Updates”, you are already on our email mailing list.

Our email updates will include more detailed information.  Each time a blog is posted, a link will be emailed to read the new blog.  Also, monthly youth newsletter articles will be emailed before the newsletter actually is printed.  You will get the information ahead of time! As with the texting, you can have your name removed from the email list simply by contacting me personally via phone, text, email, or face to face.

These updates are targeted to youth, but parents are encouraged to sign up for them as well.  You may not be invited to Middle School Night, but you may want to hear what your Middle Schooler will be doing!  The content of the texts and the emails will be different, so be sure to subscribe to both!

Shoe Box Needs

You all have done a wonderful job of bringing in Soap for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes.  I know that the college ministry very much appreciates the hard work that you all have put in.  And of course, the added incentive of breakfast for the Sunday School class that brings the most has certainly helped!

We have plenty of soap now, but there are a few other items that are needed.

  • Small toys
  • Gloves
  • Jewelry
  • Small Balls
  • Other small items like those above

With these items, our college ministry will be able to complete the 60 or so boxes that are lacking.  We will extend our breakfast challenge to these items, so keep on bringing more stuff.  (We won’t count any more soap, but any of the things listed will be added to your classes total.)

If you have any questions, you can check out How to Pack A Shoe Box from Samaritan’s Purse’s website.  Please feel free to pack your own shoe box as well.  You would be surprised how a little box can change a life.

Cancelled D-Now

I’m sorry to say that our Disciple Now 2009 for the weekend of October 23-25 has been cancelled.  But the weekend will not be a total scratch.  Friday, October 23rd from 6:30-9:30 pm, we will have a Middle School night for our 6th-8th graders.  This will be a free event with free food.  Games include dodgeball, scavenger hunts, and team building activities.  A high school night will be coming very soon.

Here are a list of other upcoming youth events:

  • October 22nd – 6:30-8:30 pm – Middle School Night
  • October 29th – 8:00-10:00 pm – Judgment House
  • November 4th – 6:30-8:00 pm – Bonfire at Church
  • November 12th – 6:30-9:30 pm – Lecrae Concert*
  • January 9th – ALL DAY – Ski Trip to Paoli Peaks

Christmas Parties will be scheduled SOON.


*This event is not a Northside group event.  It will be an awesome concert and you are encouraged to attend.  Please go to http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/ical/event.php?eid=112891126710 for more information.


Hannah and I took Callie to the Georgia Aquarium while we were visiting my sister this past month. It is located in downtown Atlanta and is a beautiful place! It is easy enough to find with good directions and we got there with ease. Upon leaving the “shishes” (as Callie calls the fish), we immediately looked for signs pointing us to I-75 or I-85. Pulling out of the parking garage was a sign – I-75/I-85 turn right. So we did. Hannah and I looked for another sign or some clarity. We found none.

After driving for about 5 miles, we realized we were driving away from the interstate, not towards it, so we turned around and went back downtown. Again we looked for signs, but found none. We found the street we came in on, but seeing as it was one way, we could not go down it. Going down a parallel street took us to a closed street and led us to drive in circles… three times! We eventually found more signs, but they pointed us to more confusing roads. At one point, we saw one sign telling us I-75 was to the left. Immediately after our turn, we say another sign telling us that I-75 was behind us!

What a frustrating 30 minutes it was to find the interstate. Hannah and I were doing our best to choose the right road and find our destination. But with all the confusion, it was near impossible. The signs were mislabeled and the streets were in disrepair. It wasn’t until we found the correct signs that we were able to get on the interstate.

In our lives, we make hundreds of thousands of choices. Each one takes us to a destination. But is it the right destination? What signs are we looking at to reach where we are going? Do we even know where we are going? Until we find the correct signage (God’s Word), we cannot find our destination (His will for our life). October 23-25, our Disciple Now will focus on the choices we make and how they impact our current lives and eternal lives.

A few upcoming events to be ready for:
August 22 – Jeremy Camp Concert – $27
September 9 – Fear Factor – Win a Wii
September 12 – Black Patch – Help with our booth
September 23 – SYATP – Breakfast in the AM and Rally in the PM
October 23-25 – Disciple Now – “Choices”