NCAA Mayhem

Here’s your chance to prove that you are more knowledgeable than the rest of us on college basketball!  You can play Northside Student’s bracket challenge and prove that you really are the King of the Brackets.

Not a fan of College Basketball?  You can give it a shot anyway for a chance to win your Spring Retreat paid for (a $50 value!!!).  Prizes will also be given for the following:

  • Most Correct First Round Picks
  • Best upset bracket (bonuses will be given to lower seeded teams you correctly pick)
  • Most points in a Region (prize for each region)
  • Worst Winning Bracket (lowest scoring bracket to correctly pick the Champion)

There are two ways you can play:

  1. Go to and register to fill out your bracket online.  Be sure you include your First and Last name.  The password to join our group is “nb123”.
  2. Show up at Oasis (our youth worship) on Wednesday, March 17 at 6:30 pm and fill out your bracket in person.

You can enter BOTH ways to double your chance of winning.  (But you cannot fill out multiple brackets online nor can you fill out multiple brackets in person.  Only one of each please!)

Feel free to invite other friends to play

There is a minimum age (13 or 14 I think). If you are too young, get your parents persmission and use their birthday instead of your own. Make sure you still put YOUR name so I know who you are.

DISCLAIMER: The First Prize is for the Retreat only.  No cash will be given and if you do not go to retreat, the next closest contestant will win the First Prize.  Feel free to play even if you aren’t planning on going on the retreat.  You are still eligible for other prizes, however, you must come to Oasis (Wednesday night), Sunday School (Sunday morning), or S.O.D. (Sunday night) to collect your prize once the tournament is over.


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