Bible Challenge

Okay, so a challenge has been issued.  Will you bring your Bible to church?  Two ways you can benefit from this.  First, bring your Bible to Sunday School.  Any youth Sunday School class that has at least 12 students and everyone has their Bible, they will go the McDonalds for breakfast the following week.  So encourage your friends to come to Sunday School and bring their Bibles!

Secondly, bring your Bible to Wednesday night service.  We will count how many High Schoolers bring their Bibles verse how many Middle Schoolers bring their Bible and whoever has the higher percent of Bibles brought wins for the night.  Whoever wins the most nights through the end of the year will get something special on Wednesday night.  (Last week, the High School barely edged out the Middle School.)  So again, encourage your friends to bring their Bibles!

If you don’t have a Bible or a friend of yours doesn’t have a Bible, please just come and see me or any adult at Northside.  We’d be happy to give you one for free!  Remember, if you don’t read your Bible at church, chances are you’re not reading it at home!  GET IN THE WORD!


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